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Salad Soup

Appetizers From Kitchen

Appetizers From Sushi Bar

Sushi Sashimi A La Carte

Rolls Hand Rolls

Samurai Special Roll

Purple Rice Special

Samurai Signature Roll

Entree From Sushi Bar
Served w. soup and salad

Hot sizzling plate w onion teriyaki sauce Served w. clear soup ,salad ,white rice

Yaki Udon or Soba
Udon Japanese thick rice noodle Soba Japanese thin wheat noodle

Tempura Entree
Lightly battered deep fried to perfect crispy Served w. clear soup ,salad, white rice

Dinner Bento Box
Served w. clear soup, seaweed salad, rock shrimp appetizer, harbor roll fried rice

Japanese cracker breaded deep fried w.katsu sauce Served w. clear soup ,salad , white rice

Samurai Kitchen Special

Fried Rice

Hibachi Entree

Hibachi Combination
Served w. clear soup ,salad ,vegetable, noodle fried rice

Hibachi Kid s Menu
(Dine in Only, 12 Years Old Under) Served w. Soup, Noodle Veg

Side Order

Hibachi Lunch Plate
Served with clear soup, salad, vegetable , fried rice

Lunch Bento Box
Served with clear soup, salad, 4 pics cali roll, 3 pcs Gyoza fried rice

Sushi Bar Lunch
Served w. miso soup salad

Lunch Maki Special